onsdag 15 oktober 2014

Pimpade julfordon

Mera pimpade bilar, tåg och bussar till Sverige skulle gå runt och le på stan då. Bilder från pinterest.

As PNP Santa would say: ''There is never enough Christmas lights!''

. Find out about Santa at:  http://www.taolf.com/santa-news-and-information.html


Christmas Tram in Milan

Christmas train

Coke Cola Christmas Train. I miss seeing these commercials as a kid

trucks decorated for christmas | hardcover christmas tree unique christmas tree made out of books

Minneapolis Holidazzle  Gotta make the "holidazzle parade" at Christmastime, downtown Minneapolis.

Christmas bus in Sydney Australia, Decorated a part of the annual christmas decoration competition

Christmas bus 1956 taken from a TTC postcard ~ from TTC website

Rent a bus for whole family to go check out Christmas lights!!

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